Jorge Riveros is one of the most important living painters of abstract geometry in Colombia. Always following the Golden Ratio as a mathematical and aesthetic principle in his work. He has dedicated his life to painting as a spiritual practice, a search for affirmation and will, as well as a way of enhancing life, dignifying reality and living a thoughtful and discreet way of life.

Currently, he presents an individual exhibition at the Leon Tovar Gallery in New York.

Jana Martínez

With her unique style, Jana Martinez will take you on a magical journey to cleanse your body. With her powerful voice she will teach you simple and fun tools that you can apply immediately to raise your vibration and align your mind, spirit, body, soul and heart with your most intimate desires and help you live a full and abundant life in line with your divine purpose.

More than 15 years ago, Jana received the call to work with sacred frequencies. Behind the scenes, she devoted herself to studying a variety of subjects starting with Speed Reading, since she knew she had a lot of work ahead and reading at the speed of lightning was essential. From quantum physics, binaural pulses, vibration, cymatics, chakras and everything that helps keep the aligned such as food, colors and essential oils, to varied physical health issues for both humans and animals. Jana is always studying, learning and applying what she learned – usually practicing on herself and her dog Marmalade.



The Kiupa Art Center gathers the weavers as a collective art show, just like the enigmatic creators of the petroglyphs, to recreate with fabric and wool the symbolism of this ancestral ethnic group. With the feel of their hands and fine-tuned attention, they knit together feeling their presence in a conscious way. They harmonize with each other developing a relationship that comes from an impartial essence of sisterhood. In each of these tapestries, the traces of many weavers are immersed through many hours of introspection, wools and colors of a single story.


Mary Black Suárez

Mary Black-Suarez is an experienced and award winning executive producer. Her 29-year career in the entertainment industry has encompassed the executive production of shows and programs for TV networks including UNIVISION, TELEFUTURA, NICKELODEON Latin America, and TELEMUNDO, among others. She has served as a trustee for The Latin Recording Academy (Latin Grammy) for the past 7 years and on the Executive Committee the latter 4 years, sharing her dedication and commitment to the Latino entertainment industry.

Black-Suarez has received several awards for the programs she has produced, including six Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards, two A.C.C.A. Awards, a Premios TV y Novelas award and a nomination for Best Long Form Music Video from the Latin Grammy Awards.

Cisco Suárez

Francisco “Cisco” Suarez is an independent producers/director. Suarez is an award-winning producer of some of the most important events for Hispanics, including the annual Latin GRAMMY® awards ceremony, “Premio Lo Nuestro” and “Premios Juventud” as well as special productions such as the search for the best group of Latino boys of 2015, "La Banda"

Cisco has been in charge of the production of an uninterrupted succession of prestigious specials, full of stars and with the highest broadcasting levels of Spanish television in the United States, many of them also broadcast to audiences around the world.


Kosmokosmic brings together content developed out of the experience of professionals in child psychological astrology integrated with the Etievan educational model developed by Ms. Nathalie de Salzmann de Etievan and her book "A sense of wonder when I do not know" The mission of Kosmokosmic is to provide an additional tool to parents, teachers, educators, godparents, and anyone who has an interest in children’s education, through technology, in an application available in 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and a creative webpage with content and products for your little ones. Kosmokosmic is an educational tool for parents and educators, helping them raise children in harmony with their nature, empowering children’s strengths and helping them tackle their difficulties.



ArtNexus is a must for anyone interested in the Latin American art scene and its impact on the international scene.

It has the permanent collaboration of the most renowned curators, critics, and professors of the continent. Initially published as “Arte en Colombia” since 1992 it has been published as ArtNexus for international circulation.



The GuGu is a collection of clothes, toys and accessories "mommy and me", designed with children's play in mind.

The line includes matching bathing suits for mom and daughter, beachwear, and a water doll called La GuGu. The doll will be your daughter's best friend for trips and adventures. She loves going to the beach, swimming in the pool and playing in the water. She is fun and stylish just like you!



One11 Hair Studio is a boutique hair studio, located in Miami, specializing in the newest hair/barber and nail trends, both classical and alternative. Co-owner Esteban Martínez has over 25 years of experience and along with his team they strive to provide a very relaxing atmosphere which includes gourmet coffee/tea, aromatherapy, curated selection of music and videos to stimulate all your senses.